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After almost a month after announcing the challenge, we are extremely excited to announce that the winner of Motorola Mobility’s Reception Desk Design Challenge is Adam Owens! Born and raised in Austin, TX, Owens was constantly in the shadow of construction sites with his dad, being exposed to industrial manufacturing processes (the most prominent being concrete processing). As a result of his upbringing, although Owens graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics, he ultimately became a freelance artist/designer after spending two semesters in architecture school.

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Klipsch wrote about this console

We are all proud of our Klipsch speakers. For those who are sporting big ol’ floorstanders, center channels, surrounds and subwoofers, they are often the focal point of the entire living room.
Now, there may be some of you who don’t give a darn what your setup looks like, but we know there are plenty of people who want to show off their audio investment in all it’s glory…

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SXSW IBM Cognitive Studio

Door / various tables [2015Mar]

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Serasana Yoga Studio

Reception desk / sign / decorative bamboo wall fixture

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Adam has been a member of TechShop since December of 2013. Growing up in Austin working around construction, Adam was exposed to building early on. His father wanted him to appreciate hard work and had Adam pushing around wheelbarrows full of concrete in the Texas summers.